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At Bluehouse Group, we bring creativity, technology, and business smarts to every client relationship. We connect our clients with their audience, whether those people are customers, prospects, partners, members, or “users.” We are passionate about making stuff that works —websites that sell, extranets that enable collaboration and efficiency, databases that serve up information easily. And we’re good at it.

With so much noise and clutter on everyone’s computer screens, our clients like our penchant for clean design and simplicity. We help them devise strategies and set priorities. We sort and analyze to identify what’s most important. We believe in clarity, ease of use, and applying the appropriate technology for each situation.

Our services include marketing communication (online and offline), Internet strategy, website design, e–commerce, content management systems (CMS), extranets, database applications, search engine optimization (SEO), website hosting and traffic analytics, hosting email campaigns, online advertising and promotion—every aspect of your Internet presence. Contact us for a free consultation.

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March 19, 2016
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